Get Your Game Face On!

Game Face

Despite the somewhat uplifting economic news this recent week, these are days that indeed try leaders’ souls.  And if you think it is tough being a leader, imagine how scary it is being a follower. It’s downright terrifying.

As a leader, you can be proactive in diffusing the power of fear caused by economic uncertainty by deciding to play a decisive role in how your followers face each day. You can do this by taking a page from the world of sports by “getting on your game face!”


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Think about the reality of your position. As a leader, your persona is on your followers’ radar screens. They are scrutinizing you for any signal about how they should feel about your company’s health and their own economic future. You must understand that your face and your words will broadcast much of what you are feeling and many will be absorbing your vibe.

To be most effective in motivating your team, you should produce the kind of vibe and atmosphere that motivates rather than de-motivates. You must provide a positive vision in which the team can believe and follow. Your team must believe both in itself and in you in order to achieve maximum performance, despite what they see in the news each day.

Gettin’ Your Game Face On! Here’s how…

First, consider the language you are using.  Does it reinforce that you have a vision to get your organization through these tough times? Are your words full of optimism and encouragement? Do they reinforce your belief that if the team follows you and you all work together that your organization will get through these tough days? Are you conveying that you all will not only survive, but actually thrive?

And what about your vocal tone? A discouraging tone trumps encouraging words every time.  Make sure that yours conveys calmness, steadiness and confidence.

Next, think about your body language. When you walk down the hall, is it with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose?  When employees come into your office, does your posture welcome them?

Finally, consider your facial expressions. Are you aware what you are conveying to your team with how you appear to them? Are you doing what is necessary to instill a courageous spirit within the ranks by assuming a confidence in your face? Does your smile indicate that you’re glad that they’re there, and ready to listen with intensity?

In light of this challenging environment, it’s only normal to have doubts.  Only a fool wouldn’t.  But have them in private. Make your public persona one that will benefit others; not one that will take away their motivation.

In a recent guest post on the thoughtLEADERSLLC blog, it says if you’re not feeling courageous, you must “fake-it-till-you-make-it.” Or, if the sports metaphor of a game face isn’t quite your tune, you can follow the recommendations in the Broadway songs “Whistle a Happy Tune,” and “Put on a Happy Face.”

What are you doing to formulate a successful strategy so that your game face is authentic? How are you practicing your leadership responsibilities of preparing each day as if it were the big game? I would love to hear what daily disciplines are working for you!

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