Words That Touch

How many of us can say that we have touched the lives of others?

Many of us facilitate programs designed to advance careers, enhance lifestyles, instill personal growth, improve lives. But how many of us have left an indelible mark on this world that has truly enhanced people’s lives in meaningful and tangible ways?

rachels-hands1On this 10th anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School, I heard once again the story of Rachel Joy Scott.

She was the first of thirteen to be massacred on that horrific day. She was a kind soul who touched more lives during her seventeen years than most of us ever will.

One example of her kindness was her befriending of a special needs student who had been taunted by others at Columbine. So depressed, he had planned on committing suicide that day–the day an “angel” came into his life. Through Rachel’s kindness and compassion, he found a reason to live, and abandoned his suicidal thoughts.

After Rachel’s death, her family found her journals and writings, many of which have been compiled into the book, Rachel’s Tears. This book is the cornerstone for a training program called Rachel’s Challenge, which began as a way to teach compassion to young people, and has grown into a corporate training program.

The premise of Rachel’s Challenge is simple: That by being kind to others, you can create a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.

This philosophy is taught to organizations to help the members grow both as a collaborative group and as individuals. The trainings strive to create a cultural shift that will result in an energized, more compassionate workplace. Rachel’s Challenge believes that a company is not just a place to work, but a community for its employees to work within.

Another piece of writing Rachel’s family discovered after her death was an outline of her hands on the back of an old dresser in her home. Within it she scripted, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people’s hearts.” And they did.

How many lives did your words touch today? Are your words touching people in a positive and uplifting way? Or are your words impacting others in other ways? How are your words leading others?

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One response to “Words That Touch

  1. Rachel’s dad (Darnell) was one of the keynote speaker’s at THe Compassionate Friends national conference a few years ago. Truly an inspiring story of leading a short but significant life.


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