The Grit and Guts of Glory

Do you possess the courage it takes to be a great leader? Do you have the guts to succeed? Are you able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in today’s economic downturn, or merely surviving?

A prime example of courage was displayed this past Saturday in the 135th running of The Kentucky Derby. If you didn’t have the good fortune to witness this remarkable race, Mine That Bird overcame 50 to 1 odds to win. Squeezed out after exiting the gate, Mine that Bird and his jockey, Calvin Borel, found themselves running dead last. Summoning their collective courage, they glazed the inner rail, overtaking the pack. This team triumphed by 6 ¾ lengths–the largest margin since 1946.

The sports commentator summed up the event as  “ . . a spectacular, spectacular upset! An impossible result here!

How does this relate to your business?

You may have numerous degrees; attend, or lead the most recent power presentations; read the latest business journals.

But do you have possess the essential qualities of leadership: Courage, confidence, concentration, passion, values–and demonstrate them on a daily basis to your team?

Have you developed a Fearless Leadership System?  Or do you find yourself falling victim to negative economic forecasts–afraid to motivate your team to tackle new challenges, push them to succeed?

Courage can be coined in many different ways. The thesaurus translates courage to bravery, determination, enterprise, fortitude, grit, guts, spirit.  The next time you face your team, think about whether you’re modeling these qualities.

Do you have the grit and guts displayed so valiantly by Mine That Bird and Calvin Borel? Or are you a victim of the times? What are you doing today to make sure that you can get into the winner’s circle?

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