Who’s In Your Race?

While watching ESPN last night, I heard Coach Mike Ditka make this statement:

You can’t win the derby with a mule.

Imagine entering a mule in the Kentucky Derby?  What do you think the odds of winning would be?  Talk about a long shot!!

Coach Ditka and the panel were discussing an NFL team that has gotten off to a rough start this season.  The point he was trying to make, of course, was that sometimes the problem isn’t the game plan, or the coach, or the strength of the opponent.  Sometimes, the problem is the quality of the players on the team.

Think about your work team

Do all of the members add value to your team, giving it a chance to “win?”  Or, do you have people on your team who simply do not have the skills necessary to help your team meet its goal?  They might be nice people, loyal employees, and a sentimental favorite, but if they aren’t skilled for the task at hand,  why are they still on the team?

Sometimes, being in leadership means making tough choices and difficult decisions.  Keeping the wrong people on the team can have a long-lasting and negative impact on team morale, communication, and goal achievement.

Pulling the mule out of a horse race, some players from a football team, or the weakest link off your team can be the best thing for all involved.

What race are you running? Who have you placed your bet on?  Is that person a long shot, a gamble or a sure thing?  Are there changes you can make to increase your odds of success?


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Eleanor Biddulph
Eleanor Biddulph
 is the EVP of Client Services at Progressive Medical, Inc.
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Image Sources: nytimes.com, triplepundit.com

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