‘Twas The Night In The Boardroom

…With Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore…

‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the firm,
The rumors were spreading like vaccine-resistant germs.

The staff members huddled in the conference room, scared—
Aware that the big boss soon would be there.

The top dog’s the founder—kind of set in his ways.
He’s led by oppression for most of his days.

We minions were nervous, wondering what would be said,
While the VPs just sat there, all smug in their heads.

When out from the hallway came a familiar intonation,
I sprang from my seat and spied our cause for trepidation.

He was dressed all in Gucci, from his suit to his shirt.
And his collar was so starched that it just had to hurt.

His shaven head glowed like the shine in his wingtips.
He was laden with envelopes I suspected held pink slips.

As I drew in my breath and turned to sit down,
Into our presence the chief came with a bound.

His lieutenants all scrambled to pull out his chair.
At those embarrassing suck-ups, I just had to stare.

More rapid than bloodhounds his lapdogs all came,
He laughed and glad-handed and called them by name.

“Hey, Rudy! Hi, Daschle! Hello, Francis and Nixon!
Thanks, Connie and Ruben and Donnie and Dickson.”

For a moment, he sat there and surveyed the crowd,
And gave the impression of someone quite proud.

A wink thrown my way with a nod of his head,
Then gave me to know we had nothing to dread.

“I found a great Web site,” he began by conceding,
“That has made me rethink the way I’ve been leading.”

“It’s called Linked 2 Leadership, it’s full of advice,
Its guidance insightful, and clear and concise.”

“Now I’m sorry I’ve been such a miserable jerk.
I vow to do better, but it’s going to take work.”

“So I’ve started by writing you each a long letter
Listing all that you do that nobody does better.”

My co-workers sat there with well-earned misgiving,
When, what did I sense but the air of forgiving.

Some started to chuckle, some actually cried;
“I never thought he was so bad,” someone next to me lied.

Soon the room filled with joy; there were hugs and good cheer,
And we knew in our hearts that the boss was sincere.

He was no longer loathed, but now wildly adored,
For displaying the courage to fall on his sword.

Then he gave us our goals for the upcoming year,
And expressed his faith in us, certain we’d persevere.

“Next year will be tough, we’ll have much work to do,
But I’m knocking off early and suggest you do, too.”

And I heard him exclaim, ere the conference door clanged,
“My thanks to Tom Schulte, and the whole L2L gang.”

George Brymer is author of Vital Integrities and the creator of The Leading from the Heart Workshop®.
He can be reached at george.brymer@allsquareinc.com

Image Sources: aleesrestaurant.com, shop.strato.com

3 responses to “‘Twas The Night In The Boardroom

  1. Tom!
    Very clever and well said! The rhyme couplet still works after all this time!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to the L2L Gang!



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