Hey Leaders: What Are You Reading Now?

So many books…so little time!

I have a passion for books.  Real, hard cover books that I can hold in my hand, turn the pages of, write in or highlight key phrases, put on the shelf and then take down to once again read inspirational or thought provoking sections. I am not an e-book kind of girl, although if e-books open up more people to the written word, then I’ll be happy to lead the e-cheering section!

My team also knows that I love books.  I keep my leadership library in my office so that my team can share in the treasure of the written word, too.  It now numbers about 225 titles, give or take a few.  Last year, we even started a leadership book club at work, which was such a great success I have three more such events approved in this year’s budget.

My birthday and various times during the year often bring bookstore gift cards my way.  A December birthday coupled with Christmas can bring a bounty for a book lover like me!  Here are the newest additions to “El’s Library:”

The Janitor, by Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert; how an unexpected friendship transformed a CEO and his company.

A New Breed of Leader, by Sheila Murray Bethel; right leadership qualities that matter most in the real world.

Training Camp, A Fable About Excellence, by Jon Gordon; what the best do better than everyone else.

Leadership and Self-Deception, by The Arbinger Institute; expanded second edition of the book that has changed lives and transformed organizations.

The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon; ten rules to fuel your life, work and team with positive energy.

True Compass, by Edward M.Kennedy; his memoir.

What books are you reading right now?  What are you learning?  What books do you hope to read in the near future?  Or, what books have you recently read that you would recommend I add to my leadership library?  Why?


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Eleanor Biddulph
Eleanor Biddulph
 is the EVP of Client Services at Progressive Medical, Inc.
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15 responses to “Hey Leaders: What Are You Reading Now?

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  2. Lots of questions here…and good ones!

    Reading now:
    1) Tribes
    2) Who’s Got Your Back
    3) Mentor Like Jesus
    Christmas gifts: Chicken Soup for the Father & Son’s Soul, It’s Your Time

    Learning ? Trying to stay focused on Leadership, Continuous Improvement, and Relationships

    In the near future, I would like to add GTD to my book list and Deliberate Simplicity

    My top 5 books to be found in your library can be found here: http://john-gallagher.blogspot.com/2008/12/top-5-must-read-business-books-in-2009.html


    • John, we share similar tastes in books. I’ve read a few that you listed, and will now seek out the others. Thank you for stopping by L2L and commenting on this post! Happy new year!


  3. I am reading The Leadership Test by Tim Clark. I had the pleasure of meeting him recently and also recommend his book Epic Change.


    • Tom – thank you for the comment and book suggestion. I will look that one up, as I’m sure many of our readers will, too. Happy New Year!


    • Ayesha – thank you for sharing your suggestions! The additional books listed inthe comments on your post also sound interesting. What a great resource for our leader readers. One I would suggest adding is Greater Than Yourself by Steve Farber. I read it last year, shared it with my team, and continually refer to it. It is what leaership is all about – making those around you even greater than you are! Thank for for stopping by L2L and havea happy new year.


  4. I love to read as well, Connected Leader by Emmanuel Gobillot I just reread again, an excellent book.

    Sorry for tooting my own horn and self-promoting but my own book, co-authored with Erna Hagge, founder of Coaching Services at the University of BC is my favorite right now. Tri-namics Power of One, Two, Three: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom. Self-published at the moment and only available through us or from our website, it is a practical resource for leadership development using a coach approach- 100’s of coaching questions, assessments, models, tools, exercises- you can find it on http://www.deberna.com- we like to call it ‘fingertip learning.” Great to use as an extension to already existing solid programs, courses, workshops and can also be standalone or used for mentoring/coaching partnerships, self-development, or Coaching Triangles( 3 self-selected learning partners.)

    Also just starting into Worldshift 2012 by Ervin Laszlo-looks interesting with some strong messaging.


  5. Debbie – thank you for stopping by L2L and commenting. Fingertip learning sounds like an interesting approach. All 3 of your suggested titles can be helpful to our readers looking for their next book to read. Happy new year!


  6. reading two books right now.

    Traction – Get a grip on your business, Gino Wickman

    Outliers – The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell

    Traction is a great book to help business owners and leaders of organizations get what they want from there business. Its simple, straight to the point, no magic pills! Its the “how to” book with no theory! (full disclaimer – I am an owner/implementer of the EOS Process. However, I sold my previous business to be a part of this amazing journey because I believed in it so much.)

    Outiliers really is a great book to help us think beyond the norm. Why we are successful goes beyond what we do on a daily basis. It goes much deeper then that.


  7. Duane, thank you for visiting and commenting on this post. I have Outliers in my library, but must admit that Traction is new to me. I look forward to researching it. Thank you for the suggestion. Happy new year!


  8. A great book for leaders and for improving organizational performance is:

    Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer.

    How do we communicate at a deeper level? Are we willing to go beyond the superficial conversation, beyond debate, and into something that is highly creative and generative?


    • Dan, I had not heard of this one,so I did a little research. The book’s subtitle sounds very intriguing: “Leading from the future as it emerges.” Most of us probably think about leading INTO the future, not FROM the future. Thank you for the comment and sharing this suggestion with our readers. El


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