Leaders: Dare to Ask for Help

Do you need better results for next year? Then ask for help. You know you need it. So go ahead and ask for it.

Ouch, did I just say “ask for help?” I know you probably hate that advice. But here it is again: Get Help! And do it now!

If you are contemplating making resolutions this year, then simply humble yourself and ask for help in getting those resolutions done. And don’t be afraid to ask someone for what you may need. There is rarely ever a mistake in reaching out to others to make your new year a better one. You don’t need to do everything alone; even if you think you can. You may think you have all the tools and great ideas at your disposal; but you still need others to help you.

Success does not depend upon the brilliance of your plan but upon the consistency of your actions.

Step five of six in my personal strategic planning workshop is; engage and deputize all involved. There is no shame in reaching out. You are asking for a hand up not a handout. Think about it and ask yourself: who could help you jump start your business and accomplish your goals in 2010?

Ask For Help

Build motivators into your everyday life. One of the best methods is to ask someone to support you. I know of a real estate salesperson who promised to take his family camping every time he made a sale. His children became enthusiastic supporters of his success at work.

  • Employer
  • Employees
  • Coaches
  • Clients
  • Family & Friends
  • Movers & Shakers


The best way you can predict your future is to create it. ~ Stephen Covey


Can’t think of anything to ask for help with? I have some ideas:

  • Ask your current clients for referrals
  • Ask your family to celebrate your success with you
  • Ask someone you admire to mentor you for six months; it may turn into a year
  • Ask someone to help you see different realities and fuel your imagination
  • Ask someone in the job you aspire to for their support and perspective
  • Ask someone doing your job at larger scope or maturity, or in a different industry…

Tell them how much you respect and admire them and you would like to learn from them. Then do the things they tell you to do and report back. They will feel empowered that you are empowering them. We all love to help others. Always thank them. Give value to them so they are glad they gave of their time and knowledge to you.

You should have a goal of adding at least one real mentor to your life every year, and learning things from one really smart person once a month.

Encourage getting outside the comfort zone; jump start your year. Ask for help, share yourself and be committed to the process. Being steadfast in your intentions can reap great results.

“Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.” ~ James Bryant Conant

So what are those favors on which you’ve been waiting to cash-in? Who has been on your “chicken list” that you have wanted to connect with but have not had the courage to pick up the phone? how might you summons that courage to ask for help? How can you jump start your year with a little help from someone near, or far? I would love to hear about all it! I look forward to sharing the best practices when people ask me for help!!


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Kristi Royse

Kristi Royse is CEO of KLR Consulting
She inspires success in leaders and teams with coaching and staff development

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