Leaders Make Passionate Choices!

Leadership Passion

Everyone needs to have passion! Passion guides us, drives us, and brings us to our fullest potential.

So Many Choices

First KissAs we wander through the short period of time that is our life, we make hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even million of choices. We make so many choices in a lifetime that at the time just before our passing, we have forgotten all but the most significant of them.

We remember our choice to marry and to whom; we remember our first job and what lead us to it; we remember our first kiss; we might forget our third lover and our second lover but we will always remember our first and last.

The majority of our choices simply evaporate into invisible vapor like the morning dew.

The choices that are not easy to make are the most significant of all. Those choices are also the most difficult to reverse and the most heartbreaking when we recall them at the end of our lives. The hardest choices always involve our greatest inner passions. When we fail to follow our heart and thus pursue our true passion, we create unrelenting regret and self-doubt.

In time, one passion may be replaced with another, but we will always recall the passions we left behind and make excuses for our decisions not to pursue them.

We all have a personal vision that we dream of. That vision may change occasionally as the years pass, but as we drive down a highway or lay in bed sleepless at night, we are often consumed by our personal vision.


We see ourselves as singers, musicians, policemen, fishermen, writers, millionaires, or kings.

In our vision, we can be beautiful, handsome, sophisticated and bold.

We imagine trysts with beautiful women or handsome strangers we meet in passing; we imagine ourselves achieving an award for great work we did on our latest work project or as the coach of our children’s volleyball team.

We envision ourselves being industry giants or inventing something great. We might use our imaginary fortune to purchase a huge house in any country we choose, with a view of any vista we wish to see.

Our personal vision is always better than the life we live because until we reach the age when we are mature enough to understand that we have reached our maximum potential, we often want what we do not have.

If none of our ancestors had pursued their personal visions we might still be living in caves.

It’s Personal…

Always remember that as you follow your personal vision, another is following his and it is probably dramatically different from yours. Just as you cherish your vision, his vision must also be allowed to live. Everyone’s personal vision is different and you must not try to force yours on someone else.

Never allow the negativity of anyone, no matter how important they might seem, destroy your dream or pull you from the path you have chosen. Never attempt to dissuade others from their own personal visions as you will risk breaking their spirits or losing them altogether.

You cannot be passionate about something for which you feel no passion. You will never be truly successful with a mate you do not love and you will never be successful in a job you do not like. You will never achieve satisfaction with pure negative energy and you will not motivate others with constant negative reinforcement.

If you think positively and exude positive energy while passionately following your personal vision, you are on the right path to succeed beyond your wildest dreams and achieve happiness beyond your imagination.

I hope when you find your own personal vision, you will follow it relentlessly. Chase it like your life depends on it. You will never regret that choice.

What are you doing to identify your passions and get a plan to follow them? If you haven’t yet, what might be standing in your way? If you are already following your passions, where is it leading you? I would love to hear!

Wayne Kehl is President and CCO at Dynamic Leadership Inc
He is author and behavioral analyst who lectures on leadership and motivation
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