Articles of Faith: Leaders Think And Contemplate

Think and Contemplate

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We investigate leadership lessons from the Bible.
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In my life experience, thus far, I have been exposed to many types of leaders.

Some would include the following: Political, Spiritual, Parental, and Business to name a few. In each of these categories, one thing is commonplace; many do not THINK nor CONTEMPLATE!

Though this failure should be diametrically opposed to leadership, it is all too common to behold by the damage left in their wake!

A Biblical Example…

In this past Christmas season, I noticed a Biblical example of a person who gave some thought to a serious situation. His name is Joseph. You know his story, and could probably quote the timeline as good as the Christmas pageants act it out!

Though knowledgeable of this great historical event, give some thought to a particular verse of Scripture found in Matthew chapter one.

(Matthew 1:20) “But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.”  (KJV)

In the first part of verse twenty, we see an interesting and often overlooked phrase. It stated that while Joseph thought on the situation at hand, that God have him some specific direction through an angel.

The thing I want to narrow in on is that part which says, “But while he thought on these things.”

Basically, Joseph did some thinking!

Great Leaders Are Thinkers…

It goes without saying that great leaders are thinkers, and great thinkers can be great leaders. Most leaders, however, try to lead without THINKING! Like the case with Joseph, crisis often drives us to contemplation.

Should this be the only driving force? I think not!

Should selfish motivations and self-preservation be the reasons why we give extra time to consider a subject?  Though it may seem that Joseph would fall in this arena as well, I think his thought life went deeper than that.

Joseph found direction for his life and his fiancé as he meditated upon his circumstance AND his God! No person will ever excel in his/her personal leadership abilities without being a thinker!

People Depend Upon Leaders Who Think…

If the hearts of the kings of this earth are in God’s hand (Proverbs 21:1), and He can direct them, then what does that say for us in less prominent roles in the affairs of society? Leadership must think about the consequences of their actions. There are far-reaching ramifications of all decisions which are made.

Joseph knew this, of course, and he desired to do what was right.

His lack of understanding of the situation was his biggest obstacle. He waited for more enlightenment and He received it! Good decisions are inseparably linked to godly wisdom. Because of the serious contemplation of Joseph, Mary and Jesus benefited by his leadership.


Thinking Outside the BoxAs a leader, no matter the realm, we should be sure to THINK about our actions for the day at hand, weeks ahead and future years which lay before us. Failure to think leaves us to make decisions impulsively and “off the cuff”. If we are too busy to contemplate the decisions for our businesses, then we are too busy.

If we consider certain issues irrelevant, then we had better be prepared for their surprise entrance. Delegation of tasks are great, but we had better give some thought as to whom we share responsibility!

Leader friend, take time to THINK and CONTEMPLATE! Deciding to do more of this, could be the best decision you have made in a long time.

Pastor Andrew Schank is Church Planter with Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.
He has a servant’s heart for missions and church planting

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