Have You Capped Your Potential?

11 Madison Avenue

There’s an unusual looking building I often walk past in New York at 11 Madison Avenue.

And it got me thinking recently…

All Base, No Stride

Today the stout-looking building in the picture above is home to Credit Suisse’s World Headquarters. Back in 1909 the Met Life Tower on the site was the tallest building in the world.

In the decades that followed, the enormous base of what was to be a record-breaking 100-story tower was constructed… but then the Great Depression hit.

As the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building soared to new heights, the decision was made to cap the Metropolitan Life North Building after finishing only the 32-story base of the planned tower. So here it stands today with the all the potential and foundations in place for a structure more than three times its final height.

11 Madison Avenue is a beautiful building inside, but it is not the tour map icon it would be if it had reached it’s potential.

I wonder if you have settled for reaching only a third of your potential as a leader? Have you capped your potential?

Are you stuck at 11 Madison Avenue?

Some People…

There are many reasons why leaders cap their potential.

Some fear failure and settle for achievement that’s comfortable.

Some suffer failure or disaster and don’t want to experience the pain again.

Some are plagued with self-doubt or insecurity.

Some dwarf their plans in tough times.

Some get jaded and lose that child-like faith that they can live a life worth noting.

I wonder what your real potential is?

I wonder what future plans are gathering dust and not gathering momentum?

I wonder. But you know.

Paul Andrew is Founder of The Leadership Coach
He is a Keynote Speaker and Management Consultant based in New York
Email | LinkedIn | Website | Blog | Twitter | +1 917 913 4598

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