On Faux Leadership: Inflation and Recession of Leadership Capacities

Bank Collapse

Recession means decrease of economic GROWTH. We’ve got ‘less more’ money than before. And this supposedly is the wicked monster that leaves behind a trail of bankrupt individuals, organizations, and even countries.

This is why we cry, mourn and lick our wounds. This is why we complain, protest and hold the political and financial ‘leaders’ responsible.

“Please, forgive me for my simplicity.

Speculative Leadership

Speculative Financial LeadershipWe have been banking on profit speculations and we’ve been investing money that does not exist.

Globally, nationally, and personally we borrowed beyond our capacity to pay back.

This monstrous system is now showing its teeth and immediately we freeze with fear and look for designated leaders with the ‘right’ experience and expertise to get us out of the mess.

And what happens? The ones that we look ‘up’ to tell us that the only way to recover from this recession is to keep borrowing and spending money!

When I questioned the sustainability of this system about ten years ago, I got slated for my ignorance. I was advised to keep my simplistic approach to myself, jump on board with the visionary financial leaders and enjoy the fruits of these invisible and even unsown seeds.

I’m glad I declined the generous offer that sounded too good to be true.

On Faux Leadership

I believe that the scaffolding of make-belief economics, hollow politics, nonsense media, and hierarchical leadership is coming down. It’s past it sell-by date, which means that the actual structure of humanity might be unstable for some time.

And the question is:

“What will we do? Will we try to polyfill the growing number of cracks? Will we find another scaffolding to razzle-dazzle us into a new fiction of hope and glory in these chaotic times? Or are we willing to finally let go of our necessity to appear bigger, better, stronger and more successful than we really are – both globally and individually?”

Yes, individually as well… Have a look at the wild growth of presented company profiles.

Shiny leadership institutes and organizations appear to be no more than the online representation of one person who might have a read a few books about leadership.

Everyone is a leading expert or an expert leader.

Resumes are sometimes longer than a person is tall displaying alleged global work-experience. And to sustain this image we keep presenting less truthful information every day, even though deep down we realize that one day people will pierce through our smokescreen and stop buying into our self-proclaimed brilliance.

Truth and Consequences

Botox Before and AfterIf we’re honest, don’t we feel much more drawn to the weathered and aged face of Truth than to the clone-like, silky-smooth surface of Botox? Truth has a naturally inspirational lure, doesn’t it?

If Truth were a company I would start selling shares right away. Its main product – authenticity – always delivers.

“It’s part of the ever flowing stream of Life and therefore highly sustainable.

It cannot be controlled, manipulated, put in any hierarchical order, made to look better or nicer. It doesn’t break any promises of ongoing success because it supports the current wellbeing of all human capital without banking on its speculative growth.

Keeping Me Employed

When my simple mind contemplates it all, a smile appears on my face. I’m making money because organizations and professionals ask my training, coaching or book to lead the way back to authentic interaction and natural horizontal leadership dynamics.

If our society had never bought into the idea of necessary economic growth, I might have been without work right now.

Or is this thought too simplistic?

Ask Yourself This…

Here are a few (self-reflective) questions for the reader:

–       How are you presenting yourself or your company – is it absolutely accurate or do you still need to inflate the image?

–       If you weren’t recognized as a leader or expert, how would that be for you?

–       Are you truly passionate about the professional and personal life you are living or do you simply need it to maintain a certain status and to project an image of success?

–       Could it be beneficial to let the struggling economic, political, social structure collapse and start from scratch?

I’m looking forward to your insights.


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