Leadership Lighthouse: You Don’t Have to Lead in the Dark

leading in the dark

Bill Gates, Jack Welch, the late Steve Jobs—what do these people have in common? They are prominent business leaders who are always appearing in the media. So much so that you probably feel you know their company better simply because you are so familiar with them.

Having the world know about you and your company may be the very leverage that you need to take your business to the next level in terms of internal morale and marketplace positioning.

Face Time

When you appear in the news, your followers will recognize you and attach to your leadership identity, thereby strengthening your position in their minds.

“So how does a company leader leverage the media for the good of the company? And why would a leader want to do this?”

The answers are simple. People do business with people, not faceless companies. People buy because of the value they perceive they will derive from using a product or service. But ultimately, people buy because they trust the seller of the product.

“Who better to be the face of the product than the company owner or lead executive?”

Amplifying Your Image

Leveraging media creates a competitive advantage for any leader. The more you are seen and heard by your clients, customers, and employees, the better your chances of being perceived as the leader in that industry.

Politics and Influence

There is something about “being in the news” that makes people take notice and place the subject featured on higher ground.

Let’s take a look at this from a political standpoint. Leadership is grounded in politics and influence management. Taking an example straight out of today’s headlines, the fate of our elected officials is determined by news, exposure, and popularity.

The candidate with the most favorable news is the one that is most likely to win. The key to this is having “good” news and media working for you and not bad PR working against you.

Social Media and PR

With the advent of social media with shareable channels for audio, video, and text, we have an unprecedented ability to quickly accelerate information globally. Anything newsworthy will be shared.

“Good, bad, funny, or terrible… if it is interesting, it will be shared.”

When a leader can show up as newsworthy, a world of opportunity opens up, and his followers see the news as validation of the value of the leader.

New Media Axioms Explained

Rules that Govern Leadership in Terms of News and Media

PR Axiom

News begets news, which begets even more news.

Social Media Axiom:

Conversation creates more conversation.

Political Axiom:

Support creates more support.

New Media Axiom:

Leveraged news creates the conversations that garner support and solidify market influence.

When you leverage the above correctly, you synthesize your media platform into an unassailable competitive advantage.

Don’t Lead In The Dark

Leading in the dark does not leverage the full value of the technologies available today. As a leader, it is your responsibility to represent your “followership” in the public in the best way possible.

“Your company will prosper.”

Your leadership skill set will expand to greater markets as you speak and write as the forerunner of your industry.

Media is a mechanism that is based on content and distribution channels. The more channels you are found on, the greater your reach. And the greater your reach, the more opportunities you will have to influence those who are looking to you for motivation and direction.

“Media is a leader’s friend.”

Use and leverage media to expand your reach, influence, and profitability. You will enjoy greater positional status, and those who follow you will have yet another reason to continue to support you.

Enhance Your Leadership Position 

Leveraging Media

Step #1:

Do something newsworthy and then promote it where your target audience will likely see it or hear about it. News is all about letting the world know that you and your company are active and contributing in positive ways to the world.

Press releases and calling a local reporter in are great ways to get featured locally, both on TV and in print.

Step #2:

Capture the “media moment”. When you show up in the news, get copies of the feature. Frame it. Post the article.

Step #3:

Announce the “media moment” to let your employees, clients and customers know that you have been recently featured.

Step #4:

Collect and refer your organization to the “media moments” that have been accumulated over the years. There is nothing better than to have a third-party validate your position.


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David Bullock is the CEO for CEO Mastery, Inc an executive training, and coaching firm.
He is also an expert in social media for business and leadership through social media.
| LinkedIn | Twitter | DavidBullock.com

Image sources: markdroberts.com

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