How To Find Leaders

Finding Leaders

Over the course of 10 years, I’ve worked with two holding companies at which I have been exposed to a variety of companies, industries, and people.

When I think back on all of my experiences, I notice some consistencies that all of these different situations shared when it comes to hiring quality people who would become leaders within the organization.

The Best

The best hires were always based on solid reputations, not job sites or career fairs.

The Worst

The worst partnerships were with companies that couldn’t prove their credibility from the beginning. There are a lot of people that talk-the-talk, but have  nothing to show to back it up.

This raises the question:

“How can I be certain of making good decisions based on these past experiences?”

Using Information Wisely

Part of being a great decision-maker is using the information available to make good choices that add value and help you reach your goals. In every major decision that affects a business, there is a certain level of due diligence that takes place before the decision is made.

Fortunately, with online information I can search for just about any person or company.

  • What shows up when I Google a potential hire’s name?
  • What shows up about a company that claims they’re the best in the business?

The digital world is changing the way people make decisions on who they deal with in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Living in a Digital World

The importance of your online personal brand is growing, just like your reliance on technology.  Quick Google searches will slowly start to replace resumes as a means of discovering actual accomplishments of potential candidates.

What do you want to pop up on the screen when that day comes?

I know that for my profile, I want clear examples that will back up my expertise, credibility, and results.

Getting Noticed

How to Show Your Stuff

Don’t keep your know-how and accomplishments confined to your local communities.  One of the best ways to share your expertise online is to get published. This isn’t an easy task.  Getting published on respectable sites is time-consuming and requires good relationships.

The good news is that there are ways to get your thoughts and experiences out there.

  • But you have to have a plan
  • And you have to start out in the right places
  • And there are few shortcuts to real success
  • You just have a plan that helps build your personal brand
  • One that can be seen online and in full view of a global audience

No matter how great you think you are, The New York Times isn’t going to be knocking down your door begging for your contributions.

Building Your Brand

It is challenging to build your brand. It is especially hard to build it to the level of the Times, but it is possible with the right strategy.

As for your accomplishments, don’t be shy on LinkedIn. Be proud of what you have done and be real, without being impudent or misleading. Let people know what you have accomplished, and do it now.  We all should be proud of our educations, promotions, and any other highlights throughout our careers.

Great leaders present themselves as thought leaders and authorities in their market.

Ask yourself if you are doing all you can to build your online personal brand to be the authority in your market. How many times have you been published online? What does your LinkedIn profile look like?  Search for yourself online like a potential business partner, customer or employer would. What do you see?


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