Leaders and Technology: Top 10 Essentials


Leaders MUST make the most of the tools at their disposal to lead effectively. As a leader it is your responsibility to lead in an effective and efficient way.

Otherwise, you will find your people peddling through their days with an increasingly weighty payload. Yuck…

Leading Today’s Technology

Regardless of whether you are tech savvy, or scared to turn your computer on, it is worth familiarizing yourself with these modern technologies in order to be the best possible leader you can be. Modern technologies can make you more efficient and improve the quality of your business’ communication to the people that you lead.

Here are some important outlets for improving the conversations with your customers and co-workers:

1. Interactive Websites

Obviously, websites are an important communication tool.  However, one of the most important yet overlooked areas on a website is the interactive part. This includes the contact page and recently asked questions.  These elements give your viewer the opportunity to get to know your company better and clear up any questions they may have.

 2. E-mail Out-of-the Office Notifications

Your clients and co-workers should be able to reach you quickly through email. If for any reason, you are unavailable for a day or more, make sure to set up an auto-response message letting people know your response will be delayed. This little effort will help clarify any potential delays that may arise in your absence and set appropriate expectations from people who have reached out to you.

 3. CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you manage customer relationships better with important data-gathering tools. These tools helps you organize your communication and save time. The data will be effective in leading the your team because it has all the important information needed to help accomplish team and organizational objectives.

 4. Social Media Profiles

Make a professional social media profile for yourself and your business. This opens the door for them to “like” or comment on your company in a genuine, authentic way. Again, make sure to respond to comments in a timely manner, so that people know they have reached you.

 5. Unified Message:

Unify communication efforts so that you can keep track of who you have been in contact with before and who is a new client. The more organized you are, the more time and stress it will save you, and the more on top of things you will appear to be to your customers.

 When using technology to communicate, focus on the following:

6. Manage and Analyze Data:

Know your customers’ preferences by looking at your previous data. Use this data to map trends and grow/shape your business. Also use it effectively as part of your overall communication to make sure your team is on the same page and moving in the same direction at the same speed.

7. Marketing based on Insight:

 Use customer data to more effectively target your marketing. By understanding and predicting customer motivations, you can deliver highly personalized marketing. This will keep wasteful and speculative initiatives down and help your team move with efficiency.

8. Streamline Marketing:

 Automate your business practices based on customer responses. This will cut time and costs while still generating sophisticated campaigns. Your team will be encouraged when they know that a strong system is in place that helps then achieve their personal and professional objectives.

9. Customer Self-service:

 Help customers interact with your business when and how they want. Create opportunities for customers to find answers to their questions independently. Be sure to provide a means to get in contact with the company at any point along the way.

10. Trained Workforce:

Train your staff to embrace new ways of improving customer treatment by providing tools to deliver better service. Provide them with technologies which speed collaboration and ease daily tasks. When done right, these steps will go a long way in building and maintaining morale and positive reinforcement.

Bridging the Gaps

These are just some ways that new technology can help bridge the gap between you and your customers. Not only will these strategies make your company more efficient, they will also help build a strong feeling of loyalty among your customers.

Technology has the ability to enhance your quality of service, save time, give a competitive advantage, improve relationships with customers and increase profits.

As a business leader, it is imperative to use every tool at your disposal to equip yourself and your team. Not only will these tools help you be a better leader, but they will increase the productivity and morale in your workplace. A workplace where people can communicate effectively will always be the best place to grow as a leader and to help others grow personally and professionally.

Now as yourself these questions:

  1. Which of these tools do I already use and how can I use them more effectively?
  2. Which of these tools do I not use and how can I implement them?
  3. How can I lead more effectively through better communication?
  4. If I am unfamiliar with these tools who can teach me/ show me how to use them?


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He is a leader in the interactive digital marketing world
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