On Leading Teams and Technology into Tomorrow

Cloud Computing

In today’s busy workplace, managers often get so bogged down in the day-to-day toils that they lose their vision – if they ever had the chance to form one in the first place.

These supervisors, and in turn, their teams, often find themselves giving up on planning in favor of putting out whatever fires are catching and spreading on that particular day. This is especially true in the information technology field, where managers typically make do with resources and often find themselves running things in a purely reactive fashion.

This type of leadership – or lack thereof – simply cannot be sustained.

It’s difficult to pull out of this busywork tailspin and get on track to becoming a proactive team. But all hope isn’t lost. Changes in technology and leadership style can go hand in hand to transform teams and entire companies into efficient and future-focused organizations.

By changing pace, focusing on technology to alleviate pressure and properly prioritizing goals, today’s information technology managers can finally turn things around and create effective, efficient teams focused on tomorrow, not just today’s fires.

Keeping a Leading Pace

One thing many technical people lose when they rise to management is their focus on changing technology. Engineers who used to scour the web for the latest news on emerging tech become managers who are too buried in spreadsheets, meetings and presentations to keep track of what’s new and what’s next.

When this happens, the team members, budget and the entire corporate infrastructure all suffer.

If a technical manager doesn’t keep their department focused on growing their infrastructure through periodic tech refreshes, everyone pays. Team members become frustrated with the monotony of working with the same tired equipment, and this causes decreased morale and drops in productivity.

Some staff might even leave, attracted by the promise of new toys elsewhere.

After that, you may have trouble attracting young, tech-savvy talent. Your team will then only consist of unmotivated people who can’t qualify for work somewhere more challenging.

Even in the unlikely event that staff stays in an outdated infrastructure environment, failing to keep pace with technology still hurts the company as a whole. Only through keeping up with changes can a manager keep the infrastructure from becoming stale and outdated. Managers must grasp the rising changes in technology in order to shed that expensive, unwieldy legacy hardware and software in favor of light, agile solutions.

Legacy Leadership

Managers who wish to retain tech savvy staff and lead their companies into the future must not be afraid to change their views. The old model of the big server room filled with racks of servers owned and managed internally can’t be sustained. Keeping all resources on-site and relying on old technology is a risk to both productivity and security.

The way to lead technology and teams into the future is to completely change the way you look at your company’s technology and the concept of ownership.

The “cloud” concept is radically changing workplace information technologyCloud computing from Allstream and similar providers offers managers and other leaders a way to distribute “ownership” of technology affordably and conveniently.

Outsourcing and moving to the cloud is the way to go not just because it lowers costs, but also because it helps managers lead effectively.

Imagine a technology team unencumbered by the daily grind, agile and effective simply because they are free from putting out the fires which handicap so many technology professionals.

Finally, this team can truly focus on the future, plan and have vision. This is the type of team any manager would love to have. Moving to the cloud helps the company’s pocket book, to be sure.

But it helps with employee retention and technology vision and execution even more.

Be Wise, Prioritize

The best-positioned businesses are the ones that focus on their primary mission and delegate other responsibilities. The same is true of effective technology departments. This concept is even more important on teams in smaller or mid-sized companies without the IT resources found in large corporations.

Managers can lead better by focusing on developing better technology to meet the business’ needs in the future, not just today. The way to stay future focused is to stick to this goal and delegate what you can.

Proper delegation can be accomplished through cloud technologies.

For example, why busy an already small team with mundane daily tasks like system monitoring, backups, database administration or applications?

These can all be handled by a managed service provider, allowing the team to stay focused on providing innovative, future-based solutions with new technology instead of worrying about the same old daily task list.

It’s hard to stay future-focused when things are breaking down every day and daily tasks become a constant distraction. Emerging technologies like cloud computing can help leaders crawl out from under the mountain of busywork so they can plan for the future and build a more advanced, agile infrastructure.


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Brian Smith is an IT Professional and Avid Technology enthusiast
He works as a freelance IT consultant to local small businesses & senior systems administrator.
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2 responses to “On Leading Teams and Technology into Tomorrow

  1. Great article Brian. Technology has a double edged sword when it comes to leadership. I work for a leading technology company and whole heartedly agree with how the Cloud and other technology advances can help make a leader and organization more agile. I also think that it highly contributes to interrupt driven behavior that can contribute to that lack of focus. Email, texts, IM, social media. Using technology to help advance a team is just as critical as the behavior shift that’s required to make sure it doesn’t distract. A balancing act for leaders today. Thanks for the great insight.


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