On Leadership and Motherhood


We celebrate Mother’s Day every year to honor all mothers around the world. This day is also a celebration of the bond between a mother and her child.

It is symbolic of the unconditional love that mothers have for their children.

A Mother of A Leader

There is however, another very important role a mother plays in the life of her children.

This is of a role model and an exemplary leader.

Often times, you hear people saying “My mother is my role model.” When a child spends the initial crucial years of her life with her mother, she picks up life skills from her as well.

This makes the job of a mother even more important.

Setting Expectations

In my first couple of years of motherhood, I relied heavily on What to Expect series of books which are almost a bible for pregnancy and early years of motherhood. I relied on these books because I needed to learn how to physically take care of a child.

Physical aspect of bringing a child is important at that stage but it also made me think that putting a structure and thought into bringing up every aspect of a child is well worth it.

And if I want to be a good role model for my child and teach her life skills, I need to be fully equipped myself.

When I didn’t know how to talk the baby language, I purchased a book of rhymes and sang those rhymes to my daughter and saw her responding to them amazingly!

Be The Best Leader You Can Be

Every mother has her own style of bringing up children and I don’t preach that any one style is better than the other.

However, I do think there are certain aspects that a mother can keep in mind while bringing up kids such that she is not only providing love but also teaching life skills at the same time.

Lets take a look at some of these aspects:

  • Discipline is number one on my list. When a child sees discipline in her home day in and day out, it develops as a strand in her DNA.
  • I tend to think every house has their set of rules. These rules can be very different from rules of another household and mostly set by the mother of the house. This also relates into the discipline aspect, however it is important for the child to understand that each household can and does have different set of rules and they have to abide by them.
  • Open dialogue and friendly chat with your kids goes a long way. This may or may not be the norm in every culture but I tend to think when a child sees open dialogue from the beginning, they tend to be more open and honest about their feelings when they grow up as well.
  • This may sound like a no-brainer, but love and acceptance is extremely important for a child. A child can have a weakness and this is where a mother can play a strong role in not only accepting that weakness but at the same time ensuring that the two of them do something about overcoming that weakness. Only accepting the weakness is not enough. Where mother can really help is in overcoming it.


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