The Leader In The White Hat…1st or Last Place?

White Hat

When it comes to authentic leadership, leading and developing through value or principal-based decisions and behavior can look like the guy or gal in the white hat can end up dead last.

But is this really the case?

The Speed of Leadership

With smart phones, smart pads, 800-channel flat screens TV’s, super-fast high-tech programed trading, short-term instant gratification available with a click of the mouse, large credit lines, and many people unwilling to say “I was wrong,”  some really good questions begin to appear:

Are principal-based activities over the hill, passé,  and the sign of a weak or foolish looser?

Let’s explore for a few paragraphs the value in long-term planning, long-term viewpoints, and long-term thinking as it relates to getting what we want in this world and ending up on the top and not in the bottom of the trash bin.

Things as They Appear

After studying human behavior and all the various lifestyles, world religions, world empires, business motifs, technical breakthroughs, and mistakes made by mankind during my lifetime or before, I can see that things are not as they often appear.

We all are born into the world, live on this planet, and some where between ages 1 and 120+ we exit.

  • Is this all there is?
  • Does it really come down to the one who dies with the most toys wins?
  • Is it really true that there is no U-Hall trailer behind the Hurst? Alright so we can’t take it with us.
  • Should we all become a Mother Teresa? Well, she is a great example of compassion. But not everyone is called or gifted to do that.

Being The Best You Can Be

So what can we do? We can become the very best person we can, by utilizing all the resources, natural and supernatural that are at our disposal. We can, under the guiding hand of Divine Providence, really learn how exciting it can be to bloom and blossom as a human being.

Is it a big job? You bet. Will it be worth it not to take short cuts that boomerang in our face and set horrible examples for our own offspring? You bet. Is is easy? Now that is where the big problem surfaces. Work. Hard work, tedious and sometimes grueling work is required if we are going to achieve true success.

For example, if you want to raise great kids, you can forget it if you refuse to spend real quality time with them.

Edison invented the light bulb after trying 999 filaments that burned out and would not work.

Consider Your Legacy

Final word, lets examine where we want to be 120 yrs from now. Lets consider our legacy. Lets examine the long-term effects of short-term thinking. Let us use the Divine resources available to us and make our world a better place while we can. It starts with two people, you and me.

Now let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

  • When it comes to leading and developing  what specific values or principal influence my decisions?
  • Am I unwilling to say I was wrong?  If so why or why not?
  • When it comes to this world or the next, do I believe this is all there is? 
  • Am I daily becoming the very best person I can, by utilizing all the resources, natural and supernatural that are at my disposal?
  • Where do I want to be 120 yrs from now?


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