Leaders: You Can’t NOT Communicate!


There are very few things in this world that are neutral.

Consider a gift that is carefully wrapped with special wrapping paper and decorative bows. It says something nice about the thought, the meaning, and the care taken in presenting that gift to someone special.

It communicates something very different than a plain brown paper grocery bag simply stapled shut with no decoration or creative flair. 

So either way the package is wrapped, it is projecting something about the person giving the gift. And it is saying it out loud.

Your Impressions

Similarly, everything you do, and everything you say, communicates something. And, importantly, everything you don’t do, and everything you don’t say, communicates, too.

This is a reality for everyone in business and life. And it is important for people to understand this.

Yet for leaders, it’s even more critical because all eyes are on you.

Whether you like it or not, your employees, your leadership peers, and everyone else read into your actions.

  • Who do you talk to regularly?
  • Who don’t you talk to regularly?
  • Did you seem distracted in that meeting?
  • How do you spend your time?

Your actions are interpreted by others based on their own perceptions, experiences, and biases.

You can’t not communicate. So, shouldn’t you get better at it?

The Business of Communication

In business, the leaders that understand that their success often rests on their ability to communicate are those best able to get employees focused and moving in the right direction.

They do this to:

  • Build engagement and motivation
  • Get teams moving more quickly
  • Generate consistent, successful results from their reports

They generate business results by communicating strategically. And they do it well!

They are what I call Leader-Communicators.

Real Communicators

Real communication, with real meaning, can be a difference maker for leaders.

With it, you can:

You can inspire confidence in team members and offer advice. These are huge steps that can help enable a leader in strengthening the work of an individual contributor, and your entire team.

With communication, you can spur success in your company, and you can build a legacy by developing a new strategic direction. 

Communication can set you apart from everyone else:

It’s a bona fide superpower in today’s business world.

Becoming a Communication “Superhero”

Superhero LeaderSo, how can you get this superpower?

Despite how difficult it seems to communicate at times, and how much easier it might seem to say nothing and move along (>>>Warning>>> Remember not communicating actually is communicating), becoming a communication superhero is easier that you might think.

As with anything though, perfect practice makes perfect.

Greats like Picasso, Michael Jordan, the Beatles, and Wayne Gretzky all spent years learning, practicing, and honing their skills.

They didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be great.

The best business leaders do the same thing – learning about new ways to tackle issues, reading about the lessons of others, and continually improving.

Great speakers learn the basics, and practice in front of mirrors and friends before moving crowds with their words.

Have faith. With practice, I know you can be a communication superhero.

So, now that you know you can’t not communicate, take a step back. What is it you’re actually communicating today? What’s the first step can you take right now to improve the way you communicate?


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David Grossman
David Grossman is Founder and CEO of The Grossman Group
He is a much sought-after Consultant, Speaker, and Executive Coach 
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