Leaders: A Climate for Change

Climate Change

Over the last 60 years, or so, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have risen more sharply and consistently than at any time over the previous 650,000 years

Whilst there are many reasons for the rise and fall of CO2 levels, I believe that there is only one factor that can account for the current and unprecedented rise in CO2 in the atmosphere – human activity.

Of course, others disagree with me and call the whole concept a global warming hoax or conspiracy

Is the Revolution Over?

250 years from its inception, the industrial revolution continues to spread across the globe. And when you see the abject poverty that millions of people live in, who can deny them the opportunities that industrialisation creates?  But is an 18th century business mode one that we should be still using today?

We have got more efficient at taking less out, but what is being given back?

Gaining Personal Satisfaction

I am reminded of the book “The Man Who Planted Trees” by Jean Giono.  The story is about a shepherd named Elzéard Bouffier who commits his entire life to cultivating a forest to restore the natural beauty of a ruined landscape. 

Over a 40-year period Elzéard achieves his goal through planting by hand thousand of acorns, beech, and other nuts one-by-one. 

He receives no reward or recognition other than the personal satisfaction of seeing the forest grow.

The “paying forward” legacy-creation is the reward. It is something far greater than temporal gain or fleeting notoriety.

Seeking Greater Reward

Organisational leaders are constantly looking for greater outputs.  They want more engagement, raised productivity. They want more out, but what are they giving back?

At a recent networking event, the symbiotic relationship between trees and people was highlighted to me:

Trees absorb CO2 and give out oxygen – the air that we breathe.  As we breathe we give back CO2 to the trees.

The same is true for effective leadership.  It’s vital to give as well as to receive.  Seeking out a balance between giving and receiving brings harmony, increases your value and the worth of those people with whom you have a brief or a long-term relationship.

So, is there a good balance in the relationships you have with others?

What can you do today to give something back?


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