Leaders: 6 Magic Moments Employees Want with The Boss

Magic Momment

There are a multitude of things on your list and it looks like most, “spend time with team members” is likely not recorded.

The team members you have the privilege of leading are craving time with you and in fact, they want in six different ways that if you can provide, would be seen as magical moments that might produce even more magical results.

1) Tell Them What They’re Doing Well

Feedback comes in all forms and the one they want most is focused on what they’re doing well.

Take the time to praise them for even the smallest improvements. People do that for which they are paid attention. If your goal as the leader is to have them repeat behavior worthy of praise, positively reinforce that which you want repeated.

2) Tell Them Where They Need to Grow

Team members crave direction from the person in the role to which they aspire.

If you have an ambitious group of over achievers, they want to know where they can grow and what actions they need to put in place to achieve greater results.

3) Give Them Guidance on Their Career

Your direction to team members needs not be isolated to those who seek upward mobility.

Not all team members will want to climb the ladder. Some prefer lateral moves or need your guidance in finding the role to which their talents and skills are best suited. Helping them find the roles that make the most of their skills will provide you with a team of highly productive people.

4) Give Them a Challenge to Act On

Some team members desire direction, while others want a challenge to act on right away.

Give the ones who get it done a challenge that will stretch their abilities and give them new skills. The increase in growth and talents from which to choose will elevate the performance and results of the entire team.

5) Spend Time Listening to What’s Broken

The rumor mill is filled with the truth of what’s not working. Take the time to listen.

Poll those you trust on what’s most broken and make every effort to get it resolved. Those on the front line know more about the barriers to their success than the leader, simply by virtue of doing the job everyday. Help them overcome and they will help you by not letting your numbers be outdone.

6) Spend Time Connecting

Leaders and employees alike spend more time at work than with their families.

It is often a place of “to-do’s” and “don’ts” and lacks the connections humans crave. Not every moment or meeting needs to be about what to do next and there is value in spending the time getting to know those who do the work.

Without these moments, employees began to find their own path. The leader is charged with creating that path and keeping team members on it. If you fail to spend these magical moments with them, you’ll begin to wonder where the magic went and why it’s so difficult to meet your goals. Make the magic happen again with these simple steps.

So, are you spending the time and effort with your individual team members to help, them learn, grow, and become better in what they do? Are you actually listening, or just talking most of the time? How can you adopt these six easy steps to help recalibrate your team’s results? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Monica Wofford
Monica Wofford
, CSP, is CEO of Contagious Companies, Inc.
She serves her clients by getting business results and ROI for training functions
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9 responses to “Leaders: 6 Magic Moments Employees Want with The Boss

  1. Great principles to manage a staff. The biggist challenge is reaching those who are just there for a pay check.


    • Thanks much Dave for your input. I prefer to consider management as that which is done to things and leadership is reserved for working with people. Thus, managing a staff and their quotas, paychecks, vacation time, etc, would be appropriate. Leading would come into play when learning how to motivate those who are “just there for a paycheck” or even in helping to “free them up for new opportunities” at which they might find more or greater fulfillment. 🙂 All my best, M.


  2. This is great Monica.
    I would only add, for many leaders, that the first thing they need to do before they praise them is to ‘catch them doing something well’.
    It’s easy to spot the times when staff does something wrong, but deliberately seeking for what they do well is seemingly more difficult.
    What’s Better Today?


    • Great insight John and you’re right… hopefully the focus of the leader would innately be to look for and catch them doing something right. However, sadly, the norm is to focus on what someone is doing wrong. The message that sends is that if one wants the boss’s attention, one must mess up. The opposite is actually true. People tend to do that for which they are paid attention. Thanks for the reminder John as leaders who pay more attention to those doing things well, actually teach those mucking it up that they need to shape up in order to get the attention of the leader.


      • I would like to add that it is highly important to connect the employee with the vision (of the corporation or department). Let them know how what they are doing impacts the goals of the corporation. When they get the sense of fulfillment from knowing they contributed to the company’s success, they will be very enthusiastic about doing it again.


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