Leadership: Seeing and Looking at Things in Different Ways

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Spiritual leaders must train themselves to see and to look at things in a different way.

If we don’t then we can certainly expect the same problems to keep coming back to haunt us.

Seeing Things Differently

We are surrounded with leaders who cannot come up with new answers to every more complicated issues. They give the same old responses over and over again.

We need leaders of greater perception who can see what others do not see because they have trained themselves to look at things in different ways than has been common.

One of the important qualities of a spiritual leader is to see things that no one else does. It often means such a leader can analyze situations and see connections that no one else does, or maybe set out a vision that responds to people’s needs even when the people did not establish the vision themselves.

Seeing People on the Inside

Often a spiritual leader sees into workers’ reactions, good or bad, and perceives why they react in a given way. Such a leader identifies goodness or potential negativity where others do not.

Then again, a spiritual leader appreciates common elements imbedded in disparate data.

This ability to see things no one else does comes from years of preparation, when he or she who aspires to be a good leader deliberately looked at things in a different way.

Seeing Things Skillfully

When you look at something—a difficult situation, a relationship, a community problem, and so on—and look at it carefully and intensely, you glimpse aspects of a situation not appreciated at first glance.

Looking skillfully at any situation or decision that needs to be made, you learn to assess potential negative side effects to the good and potentialities for good in the negative.

If you give adequate time to analyzing an issue—a decision, a project, a mission statement, and so on—you can discern the best possible outcome, but this process takes time and skill.

Seeing Points of View

In a world where many leaders try to force us to their point of view, a spiritual leader learns to appreciate how everyone’s point of view can contribute to a shared vision.

In a world characterized by the blame-game, a spiritual leader constantly strives to distinguish between an issue to be criticized and a good person involved in it.

This is part of the wisdom of a spiritual leader.

He or she strives to look at the big picture, all sides of an issue, making effort to relate it to a future of hope. When this is done, seeing and looking at things in a different way is a preparation for visioning.

Seeing the Answer

As a person who is interested in preparing to see and look at things differently you can engage in a series of practices that facilitate this acquired skill.

You will need four preliminary qualities:

  • Stillness
  • Inspiration
  • Concentration
  • Silent Appreciation

Spiritual perception does not emerge out of a cluttered life. So a leader needs to know how to be still with a decision or problem, be inspired by its potential for good, concentrate on available options, and silently appreciate the potential transformation that can result.

Seeing With Your Ears

Part of seeing what no one else sees is to listen like no one else listens, so practice listening intently to any conversation, to a piece of music, to the sounds of nature.

Then try to look at something in a way you never have before, paying attention to some ordinary scene or event or interaction of people until you see something you have never seen before.

A further aid to seeing and looking differently is simply to sit still, do nothing, and totally relax, looking at and savoring every aspect of an experience.

Then the leader to be needs to concentrate on a situation carefully, affirming what is good and equally carefully seeing the negative in need of transformation.

With calmness, aided by breathing exercises a leader prepares for spiritual perception that brings a special dimension of wisdom to all he or she strives to do.


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Dr. Leonard Doohand

Dr. Leonard Doohan  is an author and workshop presenter
He focuses on issues of spiritual leadership
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One response to “Leadership: Seeing and Looking at Things in Different Ways

  1. Your comments are profound and true. I fear that with all the technology that we allow to drive us, the demands of our ego to take action, and the expectation of others that we make hard and fast decisions few managers know how to slow down. I confess that I struggle with this issue as well.


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