Leadership Effectiveness: Living Passion and Persistence in My Work

Perfect View

This Fall, my speaking schedule ended in Jacksonville, Florida. Coming into Labor Day weekend, it seemed like a perfect time to hold up at the beach for some much needed R & R. 

My wife Mary and I are sitting on our balcony with a good ocean breeze, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, listening to the roaring surf and the joyous squeals of young children as they scurry ahead of the incoming waves.

The job and role I perform is perfect for me.

Working in My Passion

This morning as we sat on the beach, I reflected on how blessed I had been to love my work throughout three different careers.  Some would say that I just love to work—and that is true, I’m action-oriented. But, it’s also true that I’ve been able to work in my areas of passion.

And being able to work in my area of passion has made so much of a difference in my impact and influence.

In my second career I was able to help others find their passion, and to some degree I get to do that today as I work with leaders and help them develop and develop their people.

There is no greater labor for a leader than to develop people.

The payoff is better results and higher performance with greater commitment and the joy of being part of something that is growing in a positive direction.

Persistence in Life and Work

Sitting watching the ocean, my reflections then turned to the amazing persistence of the surf; the waves never stop coming.

By nature I’m not so persistent.  I prefer to start something and move on.

It was only in the confines of a dark and dismal cell as a POW that I learned to stay focused and finish what I started.

Persistence is important in every endeavor.  Whether it’s finishing your homework, completing school, working late to finish a project, or “finishing the drill” in sports, winners persist to the point of sacrifice in order to achieve their goals.

Persist, Repeat, Persist

My teachers from high school would be amazed to know that I finished and published three books.

It was only because I learned to keep moving forward, like the waves that never stop.

The lesson of persistence is evident in nature and in every area of success. Think of the Olympic champions, think of the single moms who raise great kids, remember Abraham Lincoln who lost 7 elections, but became one of our greatest presidents. The examples are everywhere.

If you are facing a difficult challenge right now, be it financial, needing a good job, or a leadership crisis at work, don’t give in.  Work through it and let your persistence be like the waves that keep coming.

Every day, do your duty, whatever that is, to move toward your goal and don’t quit until you have the victory that you are looking for.

Oh, don’t forget that unlike the waves, we humans need rest and relaxation, so I hope that you get some rest this holiday season as you take time away to celebrate the holidays. 


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Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis is Founder & President of Leadership Freedom LLC & FreedomStar Media.
He is a leadership consultant and expert in teambuilding, executive development & assessments
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His latest book is called Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.

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5 responses to “Leadership Effectiveness: Living Passion and Persistence in My Work

  1. This is an outstanding article and I’m going to purchase your book! You are brilliant and I completely agree with your advice.


    • Pam – thanks so much for your comments and support of this honorable leadership message, and best to you in the new year!


  2. Great post! And very inspiring as I continue to job hunt, reinvent myself, and find my true calling. Have been at this in a concentrated way since May, even moved from Jacksonville (which I love) to better my chances. You reminded me of what was important.


    • Rhodalea – best wishes and prayers to you as go through your transformation. You will take these current challenges and experiences and become even more valuable in the future! (WP Admin)


      • Thanks so much for your encouraging words and your prayers! They are sincerely appreciated!


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