Leading in 2013: Innovate and Move


Whilst everyone around me takes on new reading plans and find new years resolutions, I find myself asking what are the main areas which will define innovative leadership in 2013.

Ways to Innovate

There will never be one way to lead or a normative set of skills to be ‘a leader,’ but each year there become new revelations about what the cutting edge of great leadership will be like.

Steve Jobs once said this:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Defining Leadership :: 2013

So, what defines an innovative leader in 2013?

Of course there will be similarities of previous leadership ideology, but I believe there will be three main areas to which we should look to for growth and development.

These three areas of:

  • Personal Development
  • Entrepreneurial Principles
  • Creative innovation

need to be an area of focus for modern leaders to excel and compete this year.

Of course, traditional leadership traits, skills, habits, and execution strategies need to be employed, but these three areas will help leaders innovate and move ahead in 2013

How to Innovate and Move in 2013

Personal Development

Leaders often look at the outer-circumstances of their lives, but the foundations of our leading come from the choices we should make everyday to be better leaders. Maybe a good place to start is taking up a personal development plan to work on an area of our leadership which could do with strengthening.

If you’re invested in leadership; then this will never be a bad decision.

Focus on your foundations to build greater produce and growth from them.

Entrepreneurial Principles

Entrepreneurship has been loosely associated with leadership theory for many years, but more and more I find that these principles will bridge the gap between innovation and leadership.

The open-mindedness of entrepreneurs helps to develop creativity and lays the framework for new opportunities and innovating into new grounds which have previously been thought of as a waste of time.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset will help us as leaders to look past mere management and give us forward thinking into new leadership.

Creative Innovations

Engaging in creativity and new dimensions of leading will help us stay open to what might be thrown at us.

Increasingly I’ve seen old warlord-leaders want to hold onto the principles of the past and hold fast to things that worked once but are less effective in today’s world.

Learning new innovative techniques and engaging with new creative methods of leading and finding success will set you apart from those who are less interested in forward-thinking and more interested in standards management.

So, how do we take these three leadership skills and grow in the new year?

On Knowledge and Courage

We can invest ourselves in knowledge development and be courageous this year. Burst our from your previous comfort zones and make a few decisions that are a little shocking or different to open the doors to innovation and new successes.

The truth is that the future is in your hands to either move forward or stay in 2012.

So how are you doing in investing in new skills for 2013? How are you doing in building your personal development, entrepreneurial principles, and creative innovation? How can you change your game plan to increase your personal leadership effectiveness? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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