Leadership With Heart: The Four “E’s”


Leadership is like Baskin Robbins ice cream offerings; there are many flavors.

The world is now hungry for new and innovative ideas and concepts to replace the old worn out definitions that have served us for centuries.

A World in Transition

All facets of our world are in transition

  • Education
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Social networking
  • And more…

Leadership is at the core of the transition.  There is an effort to rewrite the missions, to changed bits and pieces of the standards, to tighten the controls and guidelines, to create order; while society is being pulled in a million directions by this off-balanced leadership.

The scattered splashes of action and attempts to patch and bandage the bleeding are doing nothing but postponing the obvious…a need for leadership.

Leadership With Heart

The leadership need is what I refer to as ‘Leadership With Heart’.  Leadership with heart is about four critical elements,  I refer to as the Four E’s”

  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Entertainment

The Four E’s


This is a leadership role that understand the necessity for getting a commitment and involvement from a community with a common focus; Seth Godin refers to that in his book Tribes.


The leadership role here is about bringing knowledge and understanding together as a key investment in the success in any venture or business.


Responsibility of leadership is to ensure that those involved feel they have the power to make a difference and contribute.  That is were commitment begins.  Maslow’s Hierarchy shows clearly that an innate desire is the desire to contribute.

It begins with the heart of truly letting go of ego power.


Most will challenge me at this point; however let me explain.  Entertainment allows us to let go of  head games and thinking and go to the heart of emotion and relating.

So of the best ways to lead through entertainment is to use storytelling, artistic evaluation methods, games for team building or personal awareness.

I have used this method for over 25 years in my own managing, coaching and training and found it to be a tool that shifts a group, individual or business faster than any other method of leadership.

Gaining Leadership Power

Leading with the heart is not about losing power it is about gaining power.

An leader can easily become ineffective if the tribe is not in alignment; but a team with heart is difficult to beat.  Take a new look at how you are leading, you can get more by inclusion than exclusion.


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Patricia Leonard
Patricia Leonard is Owner of Patricia Leonard & Associates
She coaches leaders, facilitates seminars & speaks on authenticity in leading
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