Dear Leader: Do You Believe in Love?


The 21st Century belongs to the aware, focused, & loving leader.

Our workplace needs love. What we need is for the individuals who make up our organizations to step forward in love; eliminate judgment; embrace uniqueness; and, with care, create accountability while behaving with responsibility. Love defined for the leader is to lead others with confidence while leading others to their own confidence. −Wading the Stream of Awareness (Love Chapter)

It is impractical to consider providing encouragement to another if we do not hold the deep abundance of love inside; a self-love that appropriates the transformation into our brand of leadership love.

We want to build a story with you.

The collaboration in the telling of the story is animated as we love the flow, love the person, and love the story.

Aware: Love the Flow

It is imperative to learn to hold the tension in the middle stand that is your balanced awareness−where internal desire joins with external intent and finds you captured by the flow.

Narrowing in on my own brand of leadership love enriched my work and life as I became more consistently conscious of my voice of love. The intensity of my love strengthened my focus.

Love flows through your work only after doing its work in you.

Focused: Love the Person

Paul is an expert in Smart Design creating Positive Environments for freedom in living. He holds a particular passion for those battling the disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). He is not merely a construction expert. He partners in the care of the client.

During Karen’s Smart Design project, he would take along material samples so she could actually feel the differences while he explained the details. Paul told me that providing functional space for an individual like Karen is as empowering for him as it is for the client. These experiences are fulfilling his own purpose as the physical spaces he designs give freedom to the individuals who occupy them.

Story lives in your moments, folds into your potential, and unfolds in your love.

Loving: Love the Story

Only those who are totally secure in their love can live thus fully the present moment. −Thomas H. Green, When the Well Runs Dry

It is good to confidently peer into the vision of tomorrow. Embracing the outline−the structure−of your story frees love in the present; the only location where we truly live with any significant degree of influence.

There is no influence without love.

To take those you lead, influence, and serve beyond mere expectations, you must love them.

Love moves one through fear and limitation.

It takes the working love of a confident leader to build the confidence of others.

What do you need to fortify your self-love? What will free you to love those you lead more authentically? How can you increase team performance by creative an atmosphere where love thrives? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Jeff Brunson
Jeff Brunson is Owner of BasicApproach (Building Confident Leaders)
His passion is Building Confident Leaders
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4 responses to “Dear Leader: Do You Believe in Love?

  1. Why do we love? How do we love? The world is full of conditional love. For example, I love you when you do something for me, or a performance based loved. When you lead people that do what you want them to do, it is easy to love them. However, the tough part is to love them when they are not doing what you want them to do. Unconditional love. It does not mean we do not discipline or hold people accountable. However, we do it in love.

    I think it is impossible to love people unconditional, until you personally have experienced unconditional love. This is not a love you can just conjure up. You have to experience it. And, this type of love flows only from God. You may experience it in your life from other people, but ultimately it is from God.

    1 John 4:19 “We love because HE loved us first.” This is not a command to love other people because God loved us. It is a principal of the Kingdom. Once we experience the unconditional love of God, then we have the capacity to love others unconditionally.


  2. Todd … how wonderful to hear from you!!!

    Thank you so much for being a reader all these years and for the comment here and now with this article.

    “… we do it in love.” What a wonderful thought to think of being led in a manner where “all” is done in love. My Coach (Judy) and one of my dear colleagues (I talk with each one every week) both lovingly hold me accountable to be my best; the true self who God made; purposefully.

    This is my “Desire & Intent” for all those I serve:
    ~ That they embrace the power of who they are
    ~ That they act on this authentic confidence
    ~ That they lovingly lead others to their authentic confidence

    As leaders do this last one … well, they must learn about that discipline and accountability you speak about in your comment. And they will never learn this outside of personal experience.

    Again, great to hear from you! Jeff


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