Characteristics of a Good Leader Infographic

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Characteristics of a Good Leader

See more on Characteristics of a Good Leader here.


7 responses to “Characteristics of a Good Leader Infographic

  1. I often talk about leadership in my training blog, but mostly I don’t reach for the sky. If most leaders were as you and so many describe we wouldn’t have some of the economic problems we have today–or would we? Could that be a character issue leaders are endowed with?
    Here’s an unusual blog from my site; however there is a whole section devoted to leadership. –


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your feedback. I passed it on the graphics guy. He is in his twenties and it didn’t occur to him that the topic of leadership is a subject most read by the 40+ crowd who needs a larger font.

      If you click on the graphic you can get a much larger version.

      Ahhhhh, youth…..



  2. Love this! I would add one more to the list…..HUMILITY, the ability to admit your mistakes fosters a culture of trust. I work in the logging industry….trust can save money and lives!


  3. Wendy, you remind me of one. I like yours, but how about “flexibility”?


    • Yes, I agree Jack! Leaders must have the ability to roll with the punches!


  4. Very good list and some excellent suggested additions. I would suggest one more as well: Accepts Profound Responsibility. The leader must accept that no matter what others on his team do, he/she retains responsibility for the outcomes. For example, this responsibility remains even after you delegate a task. It is still up to you to ensure the person with the task is capable, that the task is clearly defined, and that the resources needed for completion are available.


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