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1) Your post must be non-commercial original content and not previously published  either on the Web or in print. Because of new internet publishing guidelines by Google, content becomes the property of Linked 2 Leadership and cannot be republished.*

2) You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post an original brief “teaser” or summary on your site or blog that links to the post.

*(Due to serious Google Panda restrictions on “authentic content,” duplicate postings on the web are severely punished and this can negatively affect both your site and L2L rankings. If your L2L post is found elsewhere on the web, unfortunately it will be removed from L2L and your Contributing Author status may be in jeopardy.)


You may submit up to 1 (one) blog article a week. All accepted L2L Blogger applicants are accepted on a conditional probationary basis (until we get to know you.) All submitted content is subject to editing based on the sole discretion of L2L (so that we keep things appropriate for the members.)

Submission of content does not guarantee posting (so write really good stuff to make sure you really connect with your audience!)

General Guidelines:

A) Write each blog entry to run between 500 and 800 words. We will edit for style, add pictures and make you look great.

B) Include 3-6 hyperlinks in each blog that references other blogs, website pages, white papers or other reference information that adds depth and dimension to your posts.

C) End each post with 3-5 relevant questions to entice the reader to respond.

D) Overall, the objective is to generate conversation and facilitate that conversation through the comments area. This will help you earn the right for readers to want to contact you.

E) Your signature block will be created by L2L from the information you provide above and show up at the bottom your your post so that interested readers can find you.


General Rules of the Road:

• The focus is on developing the conversations and thought leadership specific to the topics.

• Write from your experience, expertise, and heartbeat. People will want to get to know you through your writing.

• You are writing as a servant leader. This is not the place to promote your company, your book, your agenda, your training program, your cool tools or your opinions. That belongs in your personal blog or your company’s website. Each entry is a NON-COMMERCIAL post. Keep brand names and items like “™ or ® ” that point back to your offering out of the picture. Your excellent communication style will be the advertising that promotes your commercial interests. People who love you first, then trust you will seek you out and contact you on their own.

• We care more about what everyone thinks and has to say about the questions you pose. Essentially, your role is discussion leader and one who brings out what others want to say about or add to the conversations around the topics that define and differentiate the Linked 2 Leadership Blogazine.

• After your application has been accepted, we would love each member of the blog team to commit to a minimum of 1 blog entry per month, if possible. If occasional posting works best for you, this is okay too!

• Expect that your entries might be slightly modified by our editors to reflect overall tone and mission. We might also add in keywords, where appropriate, to help you get more readers through higher ranking on search engines.

Tom Schulte and Linked 2 Leadership retain the rights to repost or republish all content on the Linked 2 Leadership site in any format at will with no restrictions and no remuneration to any party.

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