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The Linked 2 Leadership Blog is designed to serve professionals interested in Leadership DevelopmentOrganizational Health, and Personal & Professional Growth.

We provide a safe and fun place to LearnGrow and Develop Other Leaders.™

Who Are We?

The L2L Contributing Authors are selected from qualified members of the Linked 2 Leadership Group on LinkedIn. With over 27,000+ members, we continually add 150 new members to our group each week.

From this pool of qualified professionals comes a special invitation from L2L Executive Director Tom Schulte who personally hand-selects each author based on their profile, experience and expertise. Tom is also the Editor and Publisher and carries a passion to “equip equippers” so that each Contributing Author’s experience, expertise, and heartbeat can be shared with global professionals.

See today’s L2L post and decide if this is something you would like to do. See here


If you would like to be an L2L Contributing Author:

  • Subscribe to Linked 2 Leadership Blog: subscribe here
  • Join Linked 2 Leadership Group on LinkedIn: join here
  • Complete the L2L Contributing Author Application: apply here


Using Platform

We use as our blogging platform, so you need to be a member of their community to be an L2L Blogger.

So first, please see which option is right for you:

Option A:

“I am already registered with community and don’t need to register.”
If this is you, then follow the steps below except for the registration part (Start with Step 1 and Step 3).

Option B:

“I am not registered with community” (Note: This is not the software that may be attached to your own website). Start with Step 1. You can become a blogger on the platform by following the steps below.


Step to Success

Step 1

Complete this brief online application (if you haven’t already)

Step 2

Go to the L2L “How to be a Successful Bloggertraining video. This should be all the training you need to get signed up and get blogging. Study L2L post style and formatting here:

Step 3

Receive an email invitation asking you to join as a contributing author to the L2L Blogazine. Register there and check your email for confirmation.

Step 4

Create your easy online author profile. SEE PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW for creating your public profile. A) Fill in the bio section there. B) Upload your pic (aka “Gravatar).

Step 5

Start writing original content that is NOT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED on the web or in print.*

Write directly from your own experience, with your own personal language, and from your own heart. This is what your readers want to hear: your voice.

A) Each entry will need a snappy title to attract attention

B) Write a body of about 500-800 words with 3-6  hyperlinks (see how-to picture below)

C) Then select up to 5 Categories of one or more of the 12 topics

D) Then add up to 5 tags (keywords)

E) Enter “Save as Draft” while editing. Then enter “Submit for Review” when complete

Our editors will edit your work, add a picture to your blog post, and help make you look great. We will create a signature block byline from the info on your L2L Contributing Author application that looks like the signature block below.


Vicki Whiting, MBA, Ph.D.
Dr. Vicki Whiting is Leadership Professor, Sample Fellow &  Award Winning Author
She serves by awakening the Power of Mentorship, Advocacy & Listening in Leaders
Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Web | Book | Skype: profwhiting


L2L Original Work

* Due to serious Google Panda restrictions on “authentic content,” duplicate postings on the web are severely punished and this can negatively affect both your site and L2L rankings. So unfortunately, you may not repost your L2L post on your website or elsewhere. However, you may write an original “teaser” snippet (not copied from the post) on your site with a link to your L2L article. If your L2L post is found elsewhere on the web, unfortunately it will be removed from L2L and your Contributing Author status may be in jeopardy.

That’s all!

Please call me if you have any question at 770-945-4880 (770-490-5289 cell) or reach me on skype: tommycast. Or contact me via our Contact page.



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Creating Author Profile

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